FOXTROTT – Shaky Hands [Official Music Video]

Behind the Scenes:

A Taller Us, Foxtrott’s debut album is a musical interpretation of life’s monolithic challenges. Together we elaborated on that metaphor for the “Shaky Hands” video.

Alongside VFX artist Martha Aguilar we created a vertical climb through various stages of inner turmoil that climaxes into a classic tale of “survival of the fittest”.

Set in a quarry 4 hours south of Montreal, Canada, the video further develops the visual language initially explored in the video for previous single Driven. Choreographer Wynn Holmes rejoins the team to aid in highlighting the songs musical structure through movement.

A Street Parade Production

Directed by Kevin Calero [STREET PARADE]
Concept – Street Parade + FOXTROTT + Sabrina G. Jolicoeur
Creative Director Marie-Hélène L. Delorme / FOXTROTT
Producer – Nicolas Archambault [STREET PARADE]
Choreographer – Wynn Holmes [STREET PARADE]
DOP – Jessica Lee Gagné
Assist. Choreo – Chad E Concepcion
VFX – Martha Aguilar
First Director Assistant / Production Coordinator – Guillaume Laflamme
Second Director Assistant / Assistant Editor – Travis Komarnisky
Costume Designer Avery Plewes
Stylist – Richard Autio
Beauty – Jessica LaBlanche [FOLIO]
Assist Cam – Charles-Antoine Auger
Grips – William Fradette + Mathéo Lemay
Colo – Julien Alix [ Post-Moderne ]
Dancers – Edith Collin-Marcoux + Cassie Mainville + Chad Erik Concepcion + Samuel Bélanger + Rodrigo Alvarenga + Tommy Tremblay + Raphaël Gagnon [360 MPM]
Camera – CineGround
Footwear courtesy of Vans Canada + ALDO Shoes

Concept based on photography series by Sabrina G. Jolicoeur

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