Lepetit “Le Regard”
TVC directed by Günther Gheeraert

Client: Lepetit

Agency: DDB°
Creative Director: Christian Vince
Copywriter: Maryam Ghorbanizadeh
Artistic Director: Madani Bendjellal
TV producer: Anne-Catherine Periac

Production: Gang Films
Producer: Anaïs Ouchène
Line Producer: Etienne Druilhe

Director: Günther Gheeraert
DOP: Nicolas Massart
1st AC: Jonas Costecalde
2nd AC: Quentin Rodier
Head electrician: Vincent Ricoux
Electrician: Arnaud Bellamy
Electrician: Ronan Dereuder
Head Machinist: Damien Auriol
Best Boy: Eric Bouvet

Stylist: Frieda Yem
Hair & Make Up Artist: Camille Fuger

Food Stylist: Isabelle Stetin

Set designer: Yann Le Goff
Set designer assistant: Pierre Bertet
Set designer assistant: Walter Kovats

Location Manager: Fabien Jallot
Location Manager Assistant: Rémi Amuah Carpentier

Talents: Manon Lheureux, Olivier Lanchy, Laetitia Francart, Eric Truong

Camera: Arri Alexa LF – Lenses: Arri Signature Prime series

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